Decor Trends of the Summer

On Jun 19, 2019
Listed in Goldsboro Area Real Estate News

Splash of Color

This summer it’s all about color. From decorative pillows to accent walls, adding vibrant colors will have your room feeling cheerful and fun in no time! According to Will Taylor, market editor for Sweet Paul and The Simple Things magazines, here are a few simple and affordable ways to add energetic colors to your house!

  • Customize your furniture by adding paint color
  • Curate a gallery wall
  • Arrange fresh blooms
  • Paint a feature wall
  • Mix and match textiles



Animal Print

Adding pops of animal print to your decor will make you feel the energy of the outdoors! This fresh and unique trend brings life and spunk to your home. Animal print decor is not only chic, but it is also versatile! There are many different ways that adding it can enhance your decor this summer!

  • Pillows
  • Table Runners
  • Chairs and Sofas
  • Rugs
  • Wallpaper



Macrame is a trend that has become very popular this summer. It’s first time of fame originates from the Victorian Age and then again in the 1970’s. This knotted textile is great for the summer because it adds textural elements to your decorations. It is also makes for a fun DIY project! Macrame can be incorporated into your decor in many different ways!

  • Cushion covers
  • Hanging plant pot holders
  • Table runners
  • Wall hangings

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